Is this a subscription service?

This is a one-time payment. With your one-time purchase, you'll be getting all our current package with free monthly updates for some plans. There are no recurring bills. 

How can I download the product I just purchased?

Once you purchase any of our plans, you may then download directly from our page. Also, an email with the purchased package will be automatically sent to your email address

Are templates linked to Excel?

Some of them are. Just right click on the element then choose edit data. The excel spreadsheet will pop up and it will automatically enable you to change the values.

I purchased team Access. How can I add new members?

Please chat with our support team so we can generate the code to activate each member.

Do Organizations, Teachers, Students get discounts?

Sure, to receive a special discount code, send us an email using your organization or school email to support@vcquire.com

Which methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Credit/Debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google pay.
Can I use the files while I am offline?
Yes, all our plans files are downloadable.

What are the charts or Infographics compatible with?

Our Slides are compatible with Powerpoint, Keynote and Google Slides. A few are compatible with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. 

What’s the difference between single and team access?

The single access gives a single user access. The team license gives access to a total of 10 users.

    What does the package include?

    The package includes more than 10,000 slides including each color variation and versions for PowerPoint and Keynote. We have 50+ decks of different categories, Each with tens of slides and related icons.

    Which Formats do your templates support?

    Our templates are compatible with Microsoft powerpoint, Google Slides and Apple Keynote

    Do I need to be experienced in Infographics?

    Our slides are user friendly and absolutely need no skills in design or previous experience in Infographics. They are simply prepared by designers for non-designers. 

    Can I access the templates on more than one device?

    The devices are unlimited as long as the owner of the license is the only one who accesses the account.

    How can I get a copy of my invoice?

    Please contact our support team so we can send you a copy of your invoice to your email.

    How do I upload the Google Slides

    How do I get updates?

    You will receive a notification through an email when the monthly update is ready.

    How often do you send updates?

    At the beginning of every month. Two to three new templates are sent to your email

    Can I suggest templates?

    We welcome all suggestions on new topics and the most popular will be included in our updates. To leave a suggestion email us at: support@vcquire.com

    Where can I find license terms?

    Please click on the link  https://vcquire.com/pages/license

    How to contact Vcquire team?

    You can contact us at support@vcquire.com